From: Mary Hess
Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2002 2:58 PM
 Subject: Genealogy Listings
 Geneology Liststings Version 1.0 (18 NOV 2002)

Genealogy Genealogy
(The sites listed here are sites that I have visited that appear to be in working order. Some sites may require you to pay a fee for usage or to acquire information that, in some cases, may be of no use to you. I have used all of these sites at one time or another.)

Resources & tips

Latter-Day Saint Genealogy Sites

Surname Research Information
Find a Find Famous Graves

U.S. Census Records

U.S. Immigration

Native American Sites

Dead Links

Group Sites



Listings by Nationality

United Kingdom


Native American Sites








Unsorted Site Listings

For photo archive arranged by name and photo
To create or find a family homepage

New Genealogy Sites (Copied from ) that I believe to work, but, haven't tested yet. May be dupicates in list from top. Will be sorted later.


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